We do custom freehand tattoos across every kind of style you could think of from portraits, classical, oriental, old school and even cover ups. We are always happy to help to aid you in finding the designs that you would be proud to wear for the rest for your life

After care

After 3 hours remove the cling film and rinse any unwanted residue from the tattooed area. Let your tattoo dry naturally making sure no to rub it, then apply some cream. Your tattoo should take around 2 weeks to heal, in that time make sure you apply the cream once in the morning and once in the evening after washing.

Remember whilst your tattoo is healing make sure you do not, soak your tattoo too long in water, go swimming (chlorine or sea) or sunbathe or use sunbeds.

When your tattoo is fully healed when exposed to the sun apply a high factor sun cream to avoid fading and if in the tattoo is in an area where there is clothing or shoes make sure they don’t rub your tattoo.


Piercings include ear piercings for lobe, rim, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, rook, helix, diath, conch and scaffold. Facial piercings include eyebrow, nose, lip, septum, bridge. Oral piercings include tongue and lip. Torso piercings include navel, surface (nap, hip wrist etc) and nipple.


Your piercing will need to be cleaned twice daily using a mild anti-bacterial solution throughout the healing process. No redness, swelling or inflammation should be visible and the piercing should not feel sore or itching. It is advisory to avoid using plasters because it suffocates the piercing Also avoid body fluids or touching the piercing because these harbour bacteria that can infect the piercing.